Subscription Boxes

There is something special about subscription boxes, they have the power to truly delight consumers.

Consumers look forward to receiving their monthly subscription box so a complete, well packed box can put a smile on their face. An incomplete, poorly packed box will have the opposite effect and can annoy a customer and hurt your business.

At ShipLogx, we get it and make sure that each subscription box puts a smile on your customers’ face time and time again.

Subscription Boxes
Retail & Etail

Retail & Etail

A few years ago, only the  largest retail companies offered online shopping.  Today, consumers demand a buy online option and super quick delivery.

Savvy retailers and etailers organizations know that the eCommerce world is highly competitive and outsourcing their fulfillment increases on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction. It also allows them to invest more resources in building their brand and selling their products.

ShipLogx know that performance metrics that are important to your business and more importantly those that are important to your customers.

Multi Channel eCommerce

So many platforms, so little time! Selling on multiple platforms can increase your sales but it can also increase your headaches.

Funneling eCommerce sales from eBay, Etsy, Walmart and your own website demands a well-designed system of people, processes, and technology.

At ShipLogx, our advanced technology ensures a logical flow of your eCommerce orders into our systems for seamless fulfillment and shipping.

Multi Channel eCommerce

Crowd Funding

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Groupon Fulfillment or another site is an accomplishment, but it is only the very beginning of the customer experience. 

Fulfilling the orders is the next big hurdle and can make or break your image in the industry.

Crowdfunding orders are unique because investors chose to believe in you and fund your venture. The worst thing you can do is disappoint them with an incomplete or poorly packed order.

At ShipLogx we know what it takes to impress your investors! Details really count in crowd funding orders so you can rest assured that all your packages will be dressed to impress. 

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