Training Videos

Welcome to ShipLogx

Video Length | 2 Mins 35 Secs

Overview of the ShipLogx system
Connecting Your Store

Video Length | 8 Mins 06 Secs

Important steps for connecting your store to ShipLogx.
Control Panel & Viewing Orders

Video Length | 6 Mins 13 Secs

Overview of the control panel and how to view orders.
Managing Inventory

Video Length | 4 Mins 44 Secs

Learn how to manage your inventory
Creating & Managing Purchase Orders

Video Length | 2 Mins 35 Secs

Learn how to create and manage a purchase order

Login to ShipLogx platform
>Click on Purchase Order
>Click on All Purchase Orders
>Click on Create a Purchase Order or Upload

Create a Purchase Order
> Choose vendor
> Choose warehouse
> Search for a product to add
> Enter quantity
> Save entry

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